RioNet is a locally-owned Internet Service Provider (ISP). We are a division of Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Inc., an electric cooperative headquartered in Brackettville, Texas. Rio Grande Electric has been serving rural folks since 1945.

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RGEC’s Internet Service Being Transferred

When Rio Grande got into the business of providing internet service way back in the day, the Co-op did it knowing full well that it would never be a money- maker. RGEC did it primarily as a service to our members. While satellite internet does have its drawbacks, for those in remote areas without access to other means of communications, it was a very welcomed service. As technology gradually made its way to rural areas, other inter- net providers came along, which were able to serve the needs of our members. Therefore, RGEC’s board made the decision to extract the Co-op from the internet business with the start of 2018, or sometime thereabout. Never fear, those who are still subscribers of RioNet, the Co-op is currently working out a plan, whereby the service could be transferred to another provider, which has experience in deal- ing with rural communications. More details will be forthcoming, so be on the lookout for a letter from RGEC detailing how and when the transition will take place. All involved will work hard to make it as seamless as possible. We thank you for your business, and have sincerely enjoyed serving your internet needs.

SCAM TEXT MESSAGES: Those who are RioNet internet subscribers, beware of scam text messages from 830-215-0635. . . . This provider is NOT associated with Rio Grande or NRTC, which will be taking over RioNet after January 1, 2018.