KEEP ANTI-VIRUS PROGRAMS UPDATED. As part of your contract agreement with RioNet and WildBlue, you agreed that your anti-virus programs would be kept current. This is very important, in order to protect your computer, and the spread of viruses throughout the network. Should your computer become infected, WildBlue has the ability to disconnect you from service until such time as your virus issues are resolved.  Viruses and spyware slow your system and reduce the speed of your internet experience. Should you report trouble with your WildBlue service, and the cause of the trouble is determined to be infection by a virus or spyware, RioNet may have to charge you for a service call and time on site.  While you should invest in a good anti-virus program including automatic updates, until you can purchase one, you may download a trial or free versions of an anti-virus/anti-spyware program FREE at :


Updated 11/02/15 by cj