RioNet’s ViaSat
 Equipment Warranty and Service Procedures

The equipment Rio Grande Electric Co-op/Rionet purchases for ViaSat  Satellite Internet installations comes with a limited 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects. If equipment fails as a result of a manufacturing defect, our technicians will replace it without an equipment charge.  When the 1-year limited warranty has expired and equipment becomes defective or damaged, the subscriber is responsible for the actual replacement cost of the individual component(s), as well as applicable trip charges and on-site labor costs. It is for this reason that we strongly suggest subscribers add their ViaSat equipment to their homeowner’s insurance policy. Equipment is not subject to warranty replacement because of weather damage, such as might be caused by a hail storm or lightning. Adjustments to equipment during the first 90 days after installation will not incur charges. After the initial 90 days, trip and labor charges will apply. 

A schedule of current equipment pricing can be found on the Rionet web site (charges.htm). A schedule of charges for non-warranty issues such as adjustment after high winds (repoint/repeak) is also online. 

Please do not attempt to adjust, move, relocate, or “fix” your equipment yourself, as this will nullify the warranty. If you require relocation of your ViaSat outdoor equipment, please contact RGEC at 1-800-749-1509. We will need a minimum of two weeks notice in order to schedule your relocation/reinstallation, and charges will apply. 

Free Tech Support is available 24/7. Please call 1-888-256-0449 to troubleshoot any ViaSat
 service issues. Tech Support will then notify RGEC if there is a need for a service call. RGEC strives to respond to all trouble tickets within three (3) business days following receipt of the ticket from Support. You, or a responsible adult designee, such as a family member or trusted friend/neighbor must be at your location with access to the interior of your home at the pre-arranged date and time, in order for our technicians to resolve your service issue. If a technician makes a service call at a pre-arranged date/time, and there is no one home, you will be charged applicable trip and subscriber issue fees. 

Disconnecting the Tech Support call before troubleshooting has been completed may result in unnecessary charges for a service call. It takes time to thoroughly troubleshoot an issue, so please be patient as the technicians instruct you in the steps to take.  Refusal to conduct any of the testing steps, resets, powercycle, etc., may result in charges, if a service trip is necessary. 

Equipment & Service Charges. We understand that it is impossible to foresee and budget for equipment replacement. That’s why RGEC allows Co-op members in good standing to pay out equipment and service charges, if the amount exceeds $100.


Updated: 03/27/09